Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Curious Bit of Fairly Recent History

On July 16, 2012, at 3 o'clock in the morning, a Hudson Police S.W.A.T. team evicted three stalwart fishermen from the colony of shacks on North Bay known as the Furgary Boat Club. That action, although not necessarily involving a S.W.A.T. team, seems to have been a long time in coming, as suggested by this article, written by the late Bob Mitchell, which appeared in the Register-Star on April 4, 1991.

Two years and two months after the owners of the shacks were evicted, it seems there are still no plans for the shacks or for the land on which they are located. On July 30, in a memo delivered to the Legal Committee by way of assistant city attorney Daniel Tuczinski, the mayor issued this directive in regards to the Furgary Boat Club:
I am requesting that the legal committee within 30 days representing the council and working with the members of the common council come up with a viable and agreeable plan for this area and present it to the Mayor who will decide on an immediate time table for action at the fugary.
The issue was not discussed at the last Legal Committee meeting, which took place on August 28, and there has been no public announcement of a plan being presented to the mayor.


  1. the rumored plan is 'demolition by neglect ' ... a Hudson standard

  2. the eviction helped no one. it hurt over a hundred. what can be gained by taking without thinking?

    1. Sheriff Andy Taylor, (Mayberry RFD) who never carried a gun, probably would have just waited for TC to leave for coffee the next morning and then closed the gate behind him.

      No need for a SWAT team.

      Question for the city's waterfront wizards; if an individual fisherman can't legally be removed from the shore of a public watercourse, how do they justify removing a group of like individuals?

      The state statute on wharves states that no one can operate an unlicensed wharf, unless by "custom or prescription".

      The Tin Boat Assn should have been "grandfathered in". Members had a right to occupy these public lands as stewards of the wharf, which makes this eviction neither lawful nor peaceful.

  3. The City bends over backwards to promote great ideas like Sloops & Kite’s Nest who act in “loco parentis.” They teach children, whose parents have little or no time for them. At the same the city steals time with children, for parents and grandparents, who have nothing but precious little time to teach their children their way.

    Captains Nick & Kim are able Navigators and educators but they are no way substitutes for a day alone with dad or gramps…

  4. are we that old Joe they call us grampz?

    1. Gramp is what I called mine, died when I was 20. Remember well the length of time you had with your grandfathers. That's how little time you have to enjoy your grandchildren. Just a precious handful of years, shortened now by two, by new lords of land, under the Hudson shore.