Tuesday, September 2, 2014

News from the Fair

This year, there were thirteen nominees for the Victoria A. Simons Locavore Awards, which are presented each year on Labor Day, the final day of the Columbia County Fair. Among the nominees were the following from Hudson: Fish & Game, Grazin' (both the farm, which isn't in Hudson, and the diner, which is), and the Hudson Farmers' Market. (Click here to see the full list of the nominees.) 

Three awards were given this year. The winners are, in the order in which they were announced: the Hudson Farmers' Market; Berkshire Co-op Market, in Great Barrington; and Terrapin Restaurant, in Rhinebeck.

Virginia Ambrose accepting the award for HFM

Each award winner received a trophy and a $1,000 stipend. Jake Levin, who accepted the award for Berkshire Co-op Market, gave the $1,000 back to the fund, as did Josh Kroner, the chef at Terrapin. Virginia Ambrose, manager of the Hudson Farmers' Market, who was first to accept the award, did not turn down the prize money, and loyal denizens of the Hudson Farmers' Market eagerly await learning what improvement to the market the $1,000 will fund.

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