Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hudson After Hours

At their meeting last night, the Common Council Police Committee discussed the problems associated with bars that stay open after 2 a.m. and attract most of their patrons in the wee hours of the morning. A focus of attention apparently was the Savoia, which, according to letter written by HPD chief Ed Moore to William Ghee of the New York State Liquor Authority, "has been the subject of hundreds of calls for police services over the decades" and at least fourteen this year.

John Mason has a report on the meeting in today's Register-Star: "Committee considers bar fights, noise."


  1. I thought the mayor said we weren't supposed to legislate in order to target one business. (i.e., mass gathering permits and American Glory).

    1. ""The problem was not just the Savoia, but bars throughout the city ...""


    2. It depends on the business. (i.e., North Dock Tin Boat Association)...
      The "Lords of land under water" have deemed that Vassels will have no vessels on Hudson's shore...

  2. "James Rose said people who choose to live near a bar have to expect there will be some noise, music and inconvenience."

    The opposite is also true, that noisy bars near residences have to expect there will be push-back.

    In former times, the HPD always parked a patrol car outside the Half Moon, and that still wasn't enough to suppress excessive merriment into the wee hours.

    Neighbors eventually turned to the state's powerful ABC liquor authority, which brought the pressure we were looking for.

    With the Half Moon inching towards becoming problematic again, the new owners can expect push-back too:

    Idiotic, drunk, and shouting Millenials routinely wake people in the wee hours walking up Partition Street, either to their homes or to their cars.

    I complained to the bar's owner, who stated that he was not responsible for the bad behavior of patrons after they leave his premises.

    We'll see about that.

  3. In 1990 I lived at 16 Allen and since then have never liked the sound of broken glass at 2am.

    Now at 509 State, the GhettOasis directly across from Hudson's "bee hive" there are two air conditioners on every floor.

    The issue here is whether Barbara is being treated differently than like businesses.

  4. The complaints about late late night Savoia ruckus have been heard ... all over