Saturday, September 20, 2014

"You Say Either and I Say Either"

It's becoming a routine. A Common Council initiative is reported in the Register-Star, and Mayor William Hallenbeck talks to John Mason or issues a press release voicing his concerns, reservations, objections to whatever the Common Council is considering. 

Earlier this week, it was First Ward alderman Nick Haddad's suggestion that the Common Council hold its informal meetings at various locations throughout the five wards. Where the legislative body holds its meetings doesn't really seem to be the business of the executive branch of government, but the mayor made it his, dissing the idea and telling Mason, "I would certainly question their motivation." 

Today, it's the occupancy tax proposed by Third Ward alderman John Friedman, to be added to the room rates at hotels, guest houses, and B&Bs in Hudson. Mason reports in the Register-Star on a press release issued by the mayor on the subject: "Mayor questions proposed B&B tax." 

It seems Hallenbeck fears that a 2 to 8 percent tax would make guest rooms in Hudson "unaffordable or less attractive" and intends to research the issue himself. "I will arrange a meeting with the owners/operators of our city-wide B&Bs," Hallenbeck states in his press release, "which will help me in two areas. First, it will help me identify further who they are and who runs them, and secondly and most importantly get their advice on this and any other issue that they have concerns about pertaining to B&B businesses."


  1. "Anything you tax, you get less of" it's economics 101...

    The progressive response is almost always increase "the paid" (taxes) while a conservative would make wiser use of the taxes already due by cutting waste, fraud and abuse, ie: $50K for a second canoe launch, when the city can't manage the unused one at "Saland's Point," that is, unless you own a sailboat.

  2. A 2% bed tax would not be terrible if it is applied to all lodging in Hudson including the many AirB&B properties some legal some not. If this is not researched and applied fairly a bed tax could drive business to the cheaper non sales tax paying lodging properties scattered all over Hudson.

  3. 2.
    A bed tax over 2% (currant sales tax 8%+2%= 10%) would definitely drive business away, probably back to Rhinbeck.

  4. I am glad the Mayor is taking time to research this issue and to meet the B&B owners. Hudson could be so much if it would just stop hating itself and what it has to offer. He should meet all the business owners who employ people and get their thoughts.

  5. "Hudson could be so much if it would just stop hating itself and what it has to offer."

    Great observation Timmy.

    Is this the result of the "us vs them" philosophy that seems so prevalent everywhere one turns around here ?