Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Peasants Are Revolting . . .

The Register-Star today has coverage--an article and Part 1 of a video--of yesterday's public hearing in Ghent on the PILOT for Ginsberg's Foods: "CEDC land cost $109K, not gifted."


  1. The videos would have been much more interesting if you could hear what was being said. I could not hear at least 90% of the comments and what the moderator, Ted Gutterman, had to say. Must have been one microphone in the rear of the room. Totally useless videos in my opinion. What a waste!

  2. some parts were hard to hear i agree but i had no problem watching the color change in ken flood's face.

  3. Back when Ricky Cuomo was running for governor, he spoke of IDAs as cauldrons of corruption, pregnant with the possibility of graft. After winning, he changed their name from industrial developers to economic developers and they went right back to business as usual.

  4. Let's see...
    The Ginsbergs don't have to pay for the land.
    The Ginsbergs don't have to pay property taxes.
    The Ginsbergs don't have to pay sales tax.
    I wanna be a Ginsberg.