Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Evolution of 366 Warren Street

For the past week or so, 366 Warren Street has been shrouded in green plastic tarps, but it's not impossible to see what's going on behind the curtain. The building has been stripped down to its skeleton structure.

In what was presented to the Historic Preservation Commission as a "facade revision" but now appears to be a total reconstruction of the building, this is meant to be the end result.

The picture below is from the Evelyn and Robert Monthie Slide Collection at the Columbia County Historical Society. While the subject of the picture is the fire at the building next door, it shows clearly what 366 Warren Street looked like in 1919.

Wouldn't it have been nice, since it seems the building is being completely rebuilt, if this older design could have been the model for the building's next phase?


  1. Hudson has entered into a post-SoHo phase. People with lots of money and no taste are making their marks!

  2. the developer timothy eric galloway lacks the sensitivity to really restore anything. his new plan is a mall building that the historic commission should have vetoed.

    i know that is hard to do when peggy pollenberg is voting

  3. i hope the retail tenant understands foot traffic will be cut in half because of the fence.....learned that in Casinos l0l back in the B school...

  4. Doeis Duke is so enraged for GalVan corrupting her legacy ...