Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happening This Week . . . A Hundred Years Ago

In 1914, this event would no doubt have been one that all the fashionable ladies of Hudson planned to attend in the coming week.

The picture below shows The Bouquet Millinery (yes, it seems there is a typo in the ad) in 1909, decorated for the Hudson-Fulton Celebration. In 1909, Mrs. N. E. McManus (seated at right) was the proprietor and Kathryn Martin (second from left) was one of the milliners. In 1914, Kathryn Martin (K. F. Martin) appears to have taken over the business.  

Below is 513 Warren Street today--now Eustace & Zamus Antiques.


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  1. Buildings were designed to accommodate shutters.

    They all look so naked to me.