Friday, September 26, 2014

More About the Weighted Vote

In today's Register-Star, John Mason takes up a topic Gossips reported on yesterday, the discussion of the weighted vote at Wednesday's Legal Committee meeting: "Legal Committee ponders weighted vote."

After providing some history of the weighted vote, Mason covers basically the same territory Gossips did, but, true to Register-Star tradition, he seeks a comment from long time mayor Rick Scalera. Predictably, Scalera sees no problem with the way things are and goes so far as to suggest, "It's almost a shame for that alderman to get paid the same as a Fifth Ward alderman." By "that alderman," we have to assume he meant any alderman who represents the First Ward or the Fourth Ward.

Pie chart from Government 101 by Victor Mendolia


  1. Make sure the best educated and wealthiest citizens of the city have little say in local government!

  2. Replacing a Morland Commission with the Hofstra study was a stroke of genius, instead of indictments, we got a term paper.

  3. When you put the number of votes each member of the Common Council wields next to their names, it makes the case more obvious, I think, of how undemocratic this system is. I' ve done that here:

    Mark Orton