Sunday, September 7, 2014

All the Ducks (and Flamingos) in a Row

The big event yesterday at the Hudson River Historic Boat Restoration & Sailing Club's barbecue to benefit the restoration of the sloop Eleanor was the race on Roe Jan Creek billed as the "Lucky Ducky Derby." After enjoying the barbecue and the music at Roe Jan Creek Boat Club, those who attended headed down to the creek to watch the eagerly anticipated race. While supporters watched from the shore, ten bright yellow ducks and ten pink flamingos were released from the gate. The tide was going out, and it was expected that it would carry the fowl to the finish line. What wasn't expected was a wind from the west that pushed the fowl in the opposite direction.

Flamingo #10 took an early lead, but even as the crowd cheered the pink fowl on, the wind caused Flamingo #10 and all the other racers to reverse course and head back toward the starting gate.

When the flamingos and ducks righted themselves and started back toward the river, Flamingo #10 was still in the lead, with its nearest rival far behind. But, alas, approaching the finish line Flamingo #10 seemed to lose concentration, and Duck #4 floated past the pink fowl to victory.

When the race was over and the ducks and flamingos were being plucked from the water by race officials in boats, a flock of real ducks swam down the course, showing the inflatable birds what a real duck race looks like.

Duck #4--the yellow fowl that floated to an unexpected victory--was sponsored by Tom Noonan. Flamingo #10--the pink fowl that suffered such a disappointing defeat--was sponsored by Bruno's.

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  1. Artists and musicians, plumbers and electricians, once met at north dock for like ambitions.

    When will it open again for "everyone?"

    This is the third missed turkey, duck and deer season.