Sunday, September 28, 2014

TEDxHudson at the Hudson Opera House

The Marina Abramovic Institute may still be a long way off, but long durational events have arrived in Hudson. Yesterday, a sold-out crowd filled the auditorium at the Hudson Opera House and listened through six hours of TED Talks. The tag line for TED Talks is "Ideas Worth Spreading," and there were many such ideas expressed. Gossips will not, as Katie Kocijanski did in today's Register-Star, try to summarize any of yesterday's TED Talks. (You had to have been there.) Instead I will share what struck me as the most compelling statement of the day, made by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Photo Credit: Jack Berner
Speaking of the Koch brothers and their ilk, Kennedy said, "They treat the planet as if it were a business in liquidation."

Congratulations and gratitude to all the organizers, participants, and sponsors of yesterday's inaugural TEDxHudson event.


  1. RFK Jr refused to say at the Climate March last week week that he would give up a car or a phone or a private jet ride to cut back on his carbon footprint. He also said that those who disagreed with his goals including the Kochs should be in jail.

    An illiberal liberal and a hypocrite.

    --Jock Spivy

    1. This champion of the Left's increasing authoritarianism is now beyond the pale for decent company.

      When Kennedy recounted how "fisherman [and] villagers wanted to reclaim the river as their own," the irony must have been lost on him how the City of Hudson muscled out the fishing camp called Furgary for no known or obvious reason.

      But Kennedy was very aware that last year after Riverkeeper wrote a letter of protest to the Common Council about its refusal to acknowledge the former Standard Oil depot in South Bay, that the letter wasn't formally accepted as official correspondence for months. It was deposited in a drawer until the coast was clear (i.e., until the council's smelly deal was spoiled for other reasons).

      And yet he still opted to visit here - what a guy!

      (What a world.)

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    3. Stewart Udall crafted the clean water act around (to protect) Joe Kennedy's illegal "fishing" shack.

      Nice to be king, get to keep the jet, use the cell phone, sail your yacht and keep your "illegal" shack.

      Don't think that's what Jack had in mind.

      All boats float at high tide in the North Bay. The idea is to float as many boats as possible by letting people flow, not switch users...

  2. It was a great pivotal moment. Yes, it took place in Hudson, but more important, it continued a positive movement forward.

    1. Forward?

      "Today, the Hudson River is one of the richest waterways in the Atlantic Ocean, Kennedy added."

      As a sailor, Mr. Kennedy knows that a dingy from Denmark, has as much right to be there at dead low as it does at flood tide, unless his port of call is Hudson. In Hudson, Mr. Moore's attorney is rewriting "the Ordinance."

  3. JFK’s Secretary of the Interior, Stewart Udall came up with the Outboard motor fuel tax, to help fund the clean air and water act.

    Local Tin boat fisherfolk, duck/turkey and deer hunters have been paying that tax for a half century. And despite all city barriers, we still travel more river miles, move more people and cargo than power boat, Sloops, Spirit and the Athens ferry all put together.

    The city of Hudson is obligated to promote Navigation from the high water line (which is rising according to Kennedy) "to the fullest extent possible". Hudson does so by removing the ones who pay for use and Navigate the most.


  4. Asked if he would give up his cell phone and SUV this pompous windbag said NO at the Peoples's Climate March. Another piece of elitist crap