Friday, October 31, 2014

Breaking News

An hour or so ago, the Register-Star reported the news: "Hudson mayor rescinds cemetery dog ban." Of course, there never was a ban on dogs in the cemetery until the mayor unearthed an obscure booklet of cemetery rules and regulations to justify moving the five "No Dogs Allowed" signs he had erroneously ordered DPW to install in Seventh Street Park to the cemetery back in May, but dog owners will rejoice anyway.


  1. I am heading out for a celebratory jog. Thank you Mayor.

  2. The people of Hudson can sleep better now that this great wrong has been righted through the selfless efforts of our Mayer to bring peace to the warring parties. Hard to believe he could digest the mountains of controversial and conflicting information and bring a decision in only 6 months. It saddens me to know not all dog walkers lived to see this glorious day. A toast to "the lost summer".