Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Twist in the Tale of the 33 Acres

This morning, at an emergency meeting of the Columbia Economic Development Corporation (CEDC), the topic of public discussion was a letter written by Pat Grattan, chair of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors, asking, on behalf of the County, for the return of the $109,950 of taxpayer money spent in 1997 for the 33 acres CEDC now plans to sell to Ginberg's Foods for $1. Arthur Cusano has the story in today's Register-Star: "County to CEDC: We want our money back."

What Cusano's report doesn't mention is that this latest turn of events very likely would not be happening if it had not been for citizens who live near the proposed facility discovering this document in the public records, revealing that the land being sold by CEDC for $1 was not "inherited" by the County after all.  


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