Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fire on Allen Street

At this time, the Hudson Fire Department, backed up by units from Greenport, Catskill, and Claverack, are still at the site of a fire at 238 Allen Street.

The fire originated at 238 Allen Street, but firefighters were on the roof of the adjoining house, 236 Allen Street, and had entered that house with hoses.

The house where the fire originated is owned by the Galvan Initiatives Foundation and has been unoccupied since shortly after it was acquired by Galvan Partners in April 2011. There is an unsubstantiated report from a neighbor that the house had been broken into at some time before the fire was reported.


  1. Purchased then abandoned for 3 1/2 years in GalVan style.

    How many of their 80+ properties have a similar status?

    Will anything be done about all these abandoned / neglected parts of Hudsons Historic Housing Stock?

    GalVan, the corporation that can do anything in Hudtown they wish without concern by the 'leadership."

    My condolences to all neighbors of a GalVan disaster waiting to happen.

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  3. This is another example of demolition by neglect.
    This man is allowed to warehouse his properties, unmaintained and unoccupied.
    Code enforcement does nothing, even after neighbors make complaints to that city official.
    I was afraid something like this would happen.
    Galvan's behavior is wanton and reckless. And unneighborly and hostile.
    A nefarious presence in Hudson.

  4. Luckily the owner of 236 had moved his young family out of the house. It might have been manslaughter by neglect.
    There are other dangerous/unmaintained properties in Hudson, not all owned by galvan. Although gv is the worst offender