Friday, October 31, 2014

Register-Star Reports on the Park Survey

Last Friday, Gossips reported the results of the Seventh Street Park Survey. Today, the Register-Star reports the same information: "Survey: Restored fountain tops 7th St. Park wish list." John Mason's article, however, includes something more: an account of the meeting at which Sheena Salvino presented the results to the HCDPA board. 

It seems the mayor doubts the reliability of the data because a link to the online survey had been provided on The Gossips of Rivertown. "There could be influence here," the mayor is quoted as saying. "A survey is a funny thing, if it's not done while you're sitting with someone. You mention Gossips of Rivertown who is preaching (to a readership) who believe in the same things its creator believes in, while there are many people who don't believe in the same things." He went on to tell Salvina and Branda Maholtz, "I'm not faulting you. I'm just trying to figure out why this passion with historic significance."


  1. The mayor: " I'm just trying to figure out why this passion with historic significance."
    Nothing changes does it?
    Really quite an amazing statement from the mayor of town with such well documented and photographed history and in so many sources, not the least of which is the admirable and precise Gossips of Rivertown.
    If he doesn't know he never will. Unless he reads a bit about the town he is supposed to lead.

  2. ya just can't make this stuff up ... unfortunately

  3. Ignorance is such a waste of time.
    Please remember to VOTE

  4. he also said, "upkeep and financial burden". a nice public park, the most visible park in the city, is not a "burden", it is what "we" expect and pay taxes for, the reason we choose to live in a city, not the woods. when we can't afford upkeep on a simple fountain in the public square, we can't afford to pay a mayor or call ourselves a city.

  5. Perhaps the mayor could tell us why he is so passionate about tearing things down?

  6. The survey itself was biased toward the new ideas...both in language and answer choice.

  7. Perhaps ignorance could be forgiven if the mayor showed some sign of being interested in what the people care about.

  8. Careful Gossips, must not rile the monarch. Remember as head of the development corp., he can declare the (pre)historical use "insignificant" and send in bulldozers.

    In the name of low maintence, we could end up with a traffic circle where the park once was.