Thursday, October 2, 2014

On Upper Warren Street in the Past

This picture, from the collection of pictures Byrne Fone assembled for his book Historic Hudson: An Architectural History, shows the south side of Warren Street at the end of Eighth Street sometime in the last half of the 19th century.

Recently, Gossips found this picture of the same house in the Evelyn and Robert Monthie Slide Collection at the Columbia County Historical Society.

There are no vehicles or people in the picture to help date it, but there is a handwritten label, indicating that this was the home of Mr. & Mrs. V. J. Rose. A check of the Hudson city directories in the History Room at the library discovered that Victor J. Rose and his wife, Josephine, lived at 753 Warren Street from 1916 to 1936. (A curiosity: In the directory for 1916, the Roses' address was given as 751 Warren Street, in 1917; it was given as 755. Since this five bay house probably would have covered two or three building lots, it is likely that all three numbers referred to the same house.)

In the later picture, the ground floor window at the far left has been turned into a second doorway, suggesting that, when the picture was taken, the house had become a two-family residence. The later picture also shows that an oriel, late 19th-century fancy, had been added on the east side of the house.

Gossips has not discovered when or why this house was lost, but this is how Warren Street appears as approached from Eighth Street today.


Gratitude to Emily Chameides for giving Gossips access to the History Room at the Hudson Area Library this morning to search for Mr. & Mrs. V. J. Rose in the city directories.


  1. A Rose family owned the Hudson Knitting Mills on Front St years ago. Part of the bldg still stands..I am guessing it was the same family

    1. This may not be the same family of Roses. From my search of the city directories, it appears that Victor Rose owned a bakery at 746 Warren Street. When they leave 753 in 1936, they move back to 746.