Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fire on Allen Street: The Aftermath

During the late night of September 30 and the early morning of October 1, there was a fire on the 200 block of Allen Street.

The fire started in 238 Allen Street, a house owned by the Galvan Initiatives Foundation and kept vacant since 2011, and spread through a shared wall into 236 Allen Street. It wasn't until the smoke detectors in 236 Allen went off that a neighbor was alerted and called 911 to summon the fire department.

The house to which the fire spread belongs to Michael Molinski, of Photographic Solutions. He had renovated the house and lived there with his wife and their young daughter until late this summer when they moved to their dream house somewhere out in the country. They planned to keep the house on Allen Street as income property and had a tenant all ready to move in when the fire happened. Molinski shares his story of the fire and the aftermath on his blog, and, with his permission, Gossips shares the link to that post: "The good news, the bad news, and the worst insurance nightmare."



  1. What a terrible story. If you go to his blog, you can make a donation through Paypal.

  2. Michael should sue galvan and the city of hudson.
    Both were negligent

  3. Obviously GalVan is preoccupied with purchasing buildings. Being responsible for them is not an issue.