Monday, October 13, 2014

Warren Street Past

Gaps in the street wall, even when the empty lots have become gardens for an adjoining property, always inspire curiosity about what was once there. The picture below, discovered in the Evelyn and Robert Monthie Slide Collection at the Columbia County Historical Society, gives a glimpse of the building now gone that once stood at 118 Warren Street.

The photograph, probably taken in the 1920s, is of interest not only because it shows the missing house at 118 Warren Street but also because it shows the beautiful Adamesque house at 116 Warren Street completely covered in paint--brick, marble medallions and pilasters, everything. According to the current owner, in 1927, the entire building was painted red. 

The paint was removed in 1974, as part of the facade easement program during Urban Renewal. Unfortunately, the method used was sandblasting, which marred the brick and the marble.



  1. A few add'l facts.
    116 Warren- 3rd story front removed. In the 1970's, one medallion was missing, owner, Mr. Wientraub, had the original duplicated & mounted to bldg.

    118 Warren- Formerly 118-120 Warren 3 story apartment bldg. Presently the East garden/yard of 116 Warren.

  2. The truck is a Ford Model TT, produced from 1917 to 1927.