Friday, May 1, 2015

Gossips Celebrates Preservation Month 2015 Historic Detail 1

Tra la, it's May! We made it through another long, hard winter, and spring is finally here! LICK is once again open for the season. The outdoor Hudson Farmers' Market returns tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon, starting at noon, it's the annual Ramp Fest at Basilica Hudson. And Sunday is the opening of River Crossingsthe much heralded exhibition of contemporary art at the two meccas of Hudson River School painting, Frederic Church's Olana and the Thomas Cole House.  

May is also Preservation Month, and for the third year, Gossips is observing Preservation Month with the great Gossips of Rivertown Historic Detail Hunt! During the month of May, Gossips encourages readers to get out and enjoy the fine weather and appreciate the remarkable historic architecture of Hudson by searching for architectural details. Every day during the month of May, Gossips will publish the photograph of a different architectural detail found on a building somewhere in Hudson. The challenge is to find the detail and identify, by address, the building on which it is found. Keep a numbered list of the addresses and, at the end of the month, submit that list to Gossips. For an added incentive to enjoy and appreciate the delights of our fair city, there will be prizes for those who identify all the details correctly.

So get ready to start the hunt--on foot or by bicycle! (Searching by car is not recommended unless you search and someone else drives.) Here is the first detail.


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