Thursday, March 24, 2016

Another Kind of Madness, Another Appeal

So, it seems that in March, SUNY colleges compete in what is known as "Mascot Madness." Thirty-nine college team mascots vie for recognition as New York's favorite college mascot. This year, Rip (as in Rip Van Winkle), the mascot of Columbia-Greene Community College, has made it to the Final Four!

Rip is currently going head to head with Victor E. Knight, Geneseo's mascot, and things are not looking good. This afternoon, Victor E. Knight was getting about 57 percent of the vote as compared with Rip's 43 percent. Rip has until noon tomorrow--Friday, March 25--to get the votes he needs to trounce the knight and advance to the finals. Click here and then scroll down to cast your vote to send this local mascot and hero, Rip, to the finals.


  1. Why does he look angry and drunk? Everyone knows that Rip Van Winkle was a happy drunk.

  2. He is a mascot, they are supposed to look tough. Watch Weather with Weaver, he's on there.

  3. I believe Geneseo is getting the sentimental vote - understandably - because of the murder of a male hockey player and a female basketball player. There is an article in today's NYT.