Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Yes, Virginia, There Will Be a Pride Parade

On Sunday, March 20, the Hudson Pride Foundation, responding to a wave of disappointment over their decision not to organize a parade this year, offered this invitation: "We heartily and sincerely encourage other members of the community who wish to plan a festival and parade to join together and create this celebration for the city of Hudson."

This morning, Gossips received the following press release announcing the formation of a new group and its plans for a weekend of festivities during June, which is traditionally LGBTQ Pride Month.
OutHudson, a newly-formed group for the advancement of LGBTQ awareness in the Hudson Valley, announced today that it will plan a parade on Warren Street in Hudson, NY, on Saturday, June 18, 2016, commencing at 2 p.m. The parade will be part of an entire weekend of programming and activities coordinated around the traditional LGBTQ Pride month of June. A mass gathering permit for the event has been secured. The parade route will commence at upper Warren Street near the 7th Street Park and finish at the end of Warren at Front Street. Volunteers and groups who wish to participate are welcome to contact OutHudson at OutHudson@hotmail.com to register. Additional sponsorships for the events are also being sought. The parade is part of a weekend of planned activities including a boat cruise, multiple social events, and a cabaret evening. For more information, see #OutHudsonNY at www.OutHudson.com and www.facebook.com/OutHudson.   
It seems Gossips will be polishing up the ear trumpet again this year after all!


  1. For latest updates, please make sure to like OutHudson on FB at: https://www.facebook.com/OutHudson
    and follow on IG and Twitter at OutHudsonNY

  2. I was so excited to hear this having 10 years of experience doing PRIDE in NYC. Then I saw that Rob Bujan was the contact person and my heart dropped. I volunteered for the Mayors campaign as a new resident to Hudson I thought it would be a great way to meet people support the Mayor and share some expertise. I never felt so disrespected in any volunteer situation in my life. I was left hanging on Election Day and when I went in on Election Day to see what was up Mr Bujan did not acknowledge me and kept his back to me while Miss Walsh ushered me into the street. No problem plenty else to do and the saying about small town insularity does ring true at least in my case. I'll be waving and cheering from the sidelines Go Hudson!

    Eddie Melendez

  3. If I were a new resident in town, I would certainly like to get all the facts before I go and try to smear Hudson's nicest, most open, most loveable, caring, generous volunteer. I've had the pleasure of working side by side with Rob Bujan over the last 6 years in planning and running facets of the Hudson Pride events. Without Rob, the parade, the entertainment at the waterfront, and the annual Tea Dance at the Red Dot could not have happened. Rob is not the type of person to give ANYONE the cold shoulder. This is obviously either a misunderstanding or a personal situation between the two of you but either way, to attempt to tarnish the name of one of Hudson's most beloved citizens is downright foolish. I do hope whatever issue you may have with Rob can somehow be mended. If not, we will be waving to you on the sidelines.

  4. There is no smearing here Justin just facts...facts...facts I do not know Rob as you know him nor do I need a resume I'm sure he is a wonderful man I simply relayed what happened to me how it happened to me where it happened to me and by whom

  5. Why else would you post this in such a public forum for any other reason but smearing his name. People don't say hi to me every single day of my life but I don't feel the need to broadcast it to the world. I wasn't offering up his resume, but I can if you'd like. By the way, this is a horrible way to make new friends in a new town.

  6. You're probably right Justin this may have not been the best forum but it was the one alas that triggered the bad feeling and disappointment and memory especially since having been part of NYC Pride for 10 years I was looking forward to contribute to Hudson PrideI'm sure many a person has had that happen to them also note I wouldn't have waited almost six months to disparage anybody. As to friends you seem like a good one you might want to give me a chance to chat over coffee.

  7. Yes, that image is mine, but that image was from the Hudson Pride Foundation parade. Hudson Pride Foundation is a non-profit. The OutHudson group is a for-profit group. To use my image does not in anyway represent OutHudson, and I request for it to be removed.

    1. Your photograph has been removed, Chad. Your accusation that OutHudson is a "for-profit" group is unfounded.