Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What Will It Be?

Last Friday, March 18, was the deadline for submitting proposals for the Kaz warehouses to Hudson Development Corporation.

Gossips went to the HDC board meeting today, hoping to learn who had submitted proposals for the site and what had been proposed. Whatever happens there will have a huge impact on the residents and businesses in any proximity to the warehouses and a significant determining effect on future development on the waterfront. Given that, it seems reasonable to expect that the public would at least be allowed to know what is being proposed and what possibilities are envisioned (beyond the "Development Goals" stated in the RFP), perhaps even to have some input into the discussion and the decision making.

When, however, they got to the "Real Estate" item on the agenda, the board went into executive session. Before the audience members were required to leave the room, I asked if we could at least know who had submitted proposals and what in general each had proposed--housing, retail, mixed use, whatever. I was informed by Kristal Heinz, legal counsel to HDC, that HDC was a private entity and hence was not obligated to share that information.


  1. The big problem in Hudson. It was actually given to the city of Hudson. Not the HDC.

    The HDC is no good for tax paying citizens who would like to see some good development

  2. Executive session ... what happened to TRANSPARENCY ???

  3. We have elected officials on the board of the HDC who are "obligated" to voters. Are they obligated to remain silent?

  4. It has always been a private corporation and it has always been convenient.