Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Happy Ending for Promise Neighborhood

John Mason reports today in the Register-Star that Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood will be staying in their current location at 6 South Second Street for another year: "Promise Neighborhood gets new lease on life." 

Promise Neighbor's headquarters is located in a building owned by Housing Resources of Columbia County. A year or so after Housing Resources entered into a collaboration with the Galvan Foundation, and the name was changed to Galvan Housing Resources, the rent for this commercial space on a side street rose from $600 a month to $3,200 a month. As Mason reports, a combination of things is making it possible for Promise Neighborhood to stay is their headquarters for another year: David Hyman, who owns the apartment building across the street, is donating $1,500 a month for a year; the Mental Health Association, which had been paying the $600 a month rent, is upping its share to $800 a month; Columbia County Social Services is kicking in $200 a month; and Galvan Housing Resources has agreed to lower the rent from $3,200 a month to just $2,500 a month. 

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