Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happening This Friday

Friday, March 18, is the deadline for submitting proposals for the former Kaz warehouse buildings, located at the southern end of Second Street. This information is announced not because it is expected that readers will be submitting proposals but because it is expected that readers will care about the outcome.

A couple of weeks ago, Gossips published a post outlining the review process for proposals received--a process that will be carried out by the board of the Hudson Development Corporation (HDC). At the time, Gossips identified the members of the HDC board but since then has learned of new appointments to that body. 

Don Moore, who previously served on the board ex officio as Common Council president, and Bart Delaney, who previously served ex officio as Common Council minority leader, have been reappointed, and Bob Rasner, proprietor of Elijah Slocum and the Inn at 240, has been newly appointed. In February, these three joined the seven people already on the board: Duncan Calhoun, co-owner of The Barlow and The Croff House; Brian Stickles, assistant vice president for commercial lending and business development at the Bank of Greene County; Eileen Halloran, former City of Hudson treasurer; Christine Jones, caterer and former restaurant owner; Carolyn Lawrence, real estate agent and proprietor of Hudson B&B; and ex officio members Tiffany Martin Hamilton, mayor of Hudson, and Claudia DeStefano, Common Council president.

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  1. It's interesting to note that there still isn't anyone on the HDC board who represents the retail sector. Odd, given its importance to Hudson,