Friday, March 4, 2016

Hotel Proposed for Cross Street Has a Name

Some have feared that the lack of a name for the new hotel proposed for 41 Cross Street boded ill. It was the basis of fears that the hotel could end up being called something like EconoLodge at the Station or Holiday Inn Hudson. In a press release issued today, Tom Rossi and John Blackburn, principals of Redburn Development, revealed the name of the hotel and its logo:

The name was inspired by the historic use of the 1860s building as a tallow candle and soap manufactory. Rossi and Blackburn indicate that the building's historic, manufacturing culture will be prevalent throughout the exterior and interior design of the hotel.

Addressing some of the concerns that have been raised about the proposed hotel, Rossi stressed, "As owners, Redburn Development will make all decisions on the hotel's name, brand, design, d├ęcor, pricing, and service. Establishing an independent hotel that fits in with Hudson's unique and coveted history is not only the right approach for Hudson and Columbia County, but a smart business decision."

In a review process initiated by Rossi and Blackburn, the New York State Historic Preservation Office has determined the building eligible for individual listing in the National and State Registers of Historic Places. On the subject of historic preservation, Rossi commented, "Being on the Historic Register is very important to us and our ongoing mission of historic preservation. Historic designation ensures that 41 Cross Street will maintain the architectural integrity of it 150+ year history, from the color of the building's exterior, to its historic windows, and to its brand. A chain hotel like a Holiday Inn Express is the antithesis of our mission."

The proposed new hotel also has a website where the press release quoted from above can be read in its entirety.


  1. I'm a little unclear on how we get from "He acknowledged that the hotel would be 'soft branded.' A hotel affiliation was needed to have access to a reservation system." --to-- "A chain hotel like a Holiday Inn Express is the antithesis of our mission." Would a chain hotel franchise be interested in or accept affiliation with a "boutique hotel"? And why is such affiliation needed for "access to a reservation system"?