Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hochul Returns to Hudson

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul visited Hudson yesterday and toured Warren Street, along with an entourage of local elected officials. The purpose of her visit apparently had to do with the beginning of the new funding cycle in the Regional Economic Development Councils process. Her tour of Greene and Columbia counties began at the Catskill Mountain Foundation's Red Barn Performing Arts Center, where she watched a rehearsal of the Twyla Tharp Dance Company, and ended on Warren Street, where she visited Rogerson's Hardware, Stair Galleries, and The Barlow. The Register-Star reports on the tour today: "Lt. Gov. Hochul visits Twin Counties." 


  1. If this lot had any sense of fiscal responsibility, it might have been more helpful had the Lt. Governor visited municipalities to tally up their current grant requests for them.

    Does anyone know the number for Hudson, or what each grant request entails? Didn't think so.

    It's all free money, right? It must be great fun to give it all away.

  2. too often, for too long, Columbia is the unwanted step-twin, no thanks.