Friday, March 25, 2016

The Earth Gives Up Relics of the Past

Recently, while dealing with a flooding issue in the ravine near Paddock Place, DPW workers uncovered this stone or cement object which appears to be a very long water trough.

From 1860 until 1909, this part of Hudson was the location of the fairgrounds, also known, according to the title on the post card below, as the Hudson River Driving Park.

Courtesy Historic Hudson

Courtesy Tom D'Onofrio
The fairgrounds were the setting for harness racing. Paddock Place was named not for the Paddock family (Stephen Paddock was one of the original Proprietors) but because the street is located on the site of the fairgrounds paddock, the enclosure where the horses were readied before each race. Can it be that what was uncovered is the water trough for the horses?

Thanks to Rob Perry for bringing this to Gossips' attention and for providing the photographs of the object.

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