Monday, September 19, 2016

Down by the North Bay

Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton announced this afternoon that the North Dock, also known as the Furgary, is now open for recreational use. Making the announcement, Hamilton cautioned: 
Temporary signs have been posted to remind people that the structures are not accessible. Please be careful--be mindful of the current under the bridge, and bear in mind that, as tides rise and fall, your ability to get out of and into the bay will be affected. Permanent signage to come. In the meantime, please enjoy the green space and water access!


  1. If not for the North Dock Tin Boat Association, tricky Rick, slick city lawyers and so called developers would have sold the people's shore outright, like Camp Anderson or a city firehouse.

    1. Or just given it away, like the State just gave away the shore to Colarusso for absolutely nothing.

  2. Bravo, Tiffany et al. Let's hope this is the first step in bringing back this wonderful testament to our river-ridden past. peter m.

  3. Thank you, Mayor Hamilton. Keep up the good work!

  4. Congratulations all.

    The mayor's initiative vindicates what the public has said for years, and what the former administration was only too eager to obfuscate.

    There are other points which will need clarification in time, but for now the water access issue which Joe Gallo has railed about for years - a common law right which actually precedes Magna Carta (1215 AD) - has been resolved. One of the western world's most ancient rights has been restored to the people.

    Anyone who isn't grateful for this action must secretly, and selfishly, love tyranny.

    Because the public could not afford a court challenge - one it can only have won - we're grateful for the simple ministerial action of this mayor who can see what our last mayor could not.

    And yes, boaters of all kinds be very careful on the outgoing tide. Immediately outside the bay in the river, the outgoing water, though warmer than the river, still plunges at the start of a downriver canyon. This makes for a confused and violent current which always makes this experienced kayaker feel sick to his stomach.

    On an incoming tide, the situation is still forceful under the trestle, but there's no confusion inside the shallow bay. On an incoming tide, you're also swept into the bay rather than out onto the river on the outgoing.

    Where so much water forces itself between the walls of the abutment (a place where lives have been lost), this kayaker likes his chances on the incoming tide.

    Anyway, thank you Mayor Hamilton. And congratulations.