Friday, September 9, 2016

Pedestrian Crosswalks

At her "State of the City" town meeting back in May, Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton talked about crosswalks. 

She spoke of the new stand-alone signs to mark the crosswalks, which over the summer have appeared in various places throughout the city. She also described a pedestrian safety initiative to be undertaken by the Hudson Police Department, which involved stopping every vehicle on Warren Street on one weekend to hand out information about the law as it pertains to pedestrian crosswalks, giving drivers warnings the next week if they failed to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, and after that issuing tickets to drivers for crosswalk violations. This plan may have been implemented by the HPD sometime over the summer, but I missed it.

Our present-day crosswalk woes came to mind this afternoon when I stumbled upon this item in the Hudson Daily Evening Register for October 29, 1889.

Bear in mind that in 1889 the drivers who were enjoined to "get out of the way of pedestrians" were driving horse-drawn carriages and wagons. 


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  1. You just reminded me of the time I was crossing the street in Manhattan once (in the 1980s) ..around 42nd and Broadway, and a horse and carriage (they were allowed in the streets back then) was waiting for the light. As I walked in front of the horse he chomped down hard on my upper arm. Didn't break skin, but I had big moon-shaped bruises on my arm for weeks.