Wednesday, September 14, 2016

There's Money Trouble at the Youth Department

Gossips spent Tuesday night at the school board meeting (a report on that is forthcoming) and therefore missed the informal Common Council meeting. That meeting, which lasted for an hour and twenty-two minutes, included a lively discussion of the financial situation at the Youth Department.

With almost four months left in the year, the Youth Department is close to $4,000 over budget. The Youth Department has no money--indeed, negative money--in its Personal Services account. As city treasurer Heather Campbell explained the situation to the Common Council, "You must do something unless you want to shut it all down tomorrow."

A resolution was introduced to transfer $25,000 from other budget lines into the Youth Department's Personal Service account, and a lively discussion ensued.

You can watch all that, as well as learn about the plan to bring back the boot and apply for a Restore NY grant for the Dunn building, in Dan Udell's videotape by clicking here.

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