Saturday, September 17, 2016

Something You Might Not Have Known

At last Monday's school board meeting, Antonio Abitabile, principal of Hudson High School, in his report to the school, talked about a new extracurricular program initiated by John Friedman, alderman from the Third Ward. Friedman, who for years has been part of the Hudson Reads School Power Lunch program, which pairs members of the community with intermediate school students to read together, wanted to develop a program that help high school students connect with the community in a similar way. 

The program doesn't have a name yet--at least Abitabile didn't mention it--but it does have a pretty compelling concept. Six times during the school year, someone who is successfully pursuing a nontraditional career right here in Hudson will get together with high school students at a lunchtime meeting. Among the people Friedman has so far lined up for the program are a lighting designer and an acupuncturist. The goal of the program is not only to connect students with the community but also to help them explore career possibilities that might not immediately occur to them.

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