Monday, September 12, 2016

Important Meeting Reminder

Tomorrow night--Tuesday, September 13--the Waterfront Advisory Steering Committee is holding a public forum to hear ideas for the adaptive reuse of the Dunn building on Hudson's waterfront.

A request for proposals is now being drafted for the redevelopment of the building and also the vacant property north of the building, all owned by the City of Hudson. The public input is being gathered in the hope that it will inform the RFP process. 

The waterfront forum will take place at the Hudson Senior Center, 51 North Fifth Street, second floor, and begins at 6 p.m.


  1. Although I cannot attend the meeting because I work in Manhattan Monday through Friday, I hope the comments I've posted here on Gossips will be considered in absentia.

  2. Thank you Carole for chairing tonight's very informative and enlightening Waterfront Advisory Steering Committee public forum on the '"adaptive reuse of the Dunn building on Hudson's waterfront" at our beautiful new library on 5th Street.

    Hudson is fortunate to have so many active and involved citizens, individuals and government groups focused on local development opportunities. All of them seemed to have turned out tonight, and all advanced credible ideas on how best to integrate the Dunn warehouse into Hudson's emerging riverfront through 'adaptive resuse.'

    I believe the operant word here is 'adaptive,' which is to say, that the Dunn Warehouse 'request for proposal' document should not request proposals for new restaurants and shops - but rather solicit development ideas aligned with the idea of "adapting" to the the riverfront's current and potential value as a 'working waterfront.'

    All would agree that this means making everything on the 'other side of the tracks' ,'down by the river,' welcoming, safe, inviting and family friendly. And consistent with current - and future - city resident useage patterns.

    Any adaptive reuse of the Dunn Warehouse should have at its core economic development mission the intent to encourage and support multi-use maritime activity on Hudson's waterfront. This includes supporting the current Hudson-Athens ferry and othe excurrsion and sightseeing vessels, ans boating uses that attract people to the riverfront. Looking ahead, this means supporting, accomodating, and adapting to emerging waterfront activities.

    One of tonight's excellent recommendations: Kayak and bicycle rental stands. Kiosks for information and public safety close by would make sense as a partial use of the Dunn Warehouse footprint.

    We also need to think about welcoming and supporting a new generation of Hudson entrepreneurs – like the crew of the Apollonia, a new local business that plans to use Hudson's waterfront dockage for a small-packet shipping business (for farm and bulk goods) using a restored WWII packet sailing boat to service destinations north and south. In the future, more vessels will want to make Hudson a port of call. Businesses consistent with this type of commerce include ship chandlery, marine supplies.

    This local useage footprint leaves plenty of room for a smart developer to build new waterfront businesses in the Dunn Warehouse that 'adapt' to the riverfront's present and future economic development objectives. With a focus on waterfront activities, developers will have a steady stream of potential customers.

    I didn't hear an idea or a suggestion tonight that did not sound sensible and well thought out.

    But it was the very last comment and suggestion at tonight's Waterfront Advisory Steering Committee public forum that hit the nail on the head for me.

    It was offered by the evening's videographer (whose name I'm sorry to say I do not recall) that captured the spirit of the evening.

    After listing his bonefides as an acomplished river photographer, he reminded us of the unique and special beauty that is the City of Hudson's unspoiled riverfront, with its majestic views of the Catskill's and the river to the south. I paraphrase: To understand what we have and to really appreciate what the future of Hudson's waterfront is, you have to go out onto the river and look back at the city and the riverfront.

    After listening to tonight's discussions I think its's a perspective the committe and the public could benefit from. Accordingly, may I propose that a 'committee boat' be organized at the local dock for the express purpose of doing a live, guided, visual, river tour of the city's waterfront at the earliest convenience of the Waterfront Advisory Steering Committee?

    I'd be happy to help organize if anyone else thinks this a useful suggestion.