Friday, May 11, 2018

From the River to the Hills

There's an article by John Townes in the May issue of the Hill Country Observer about the shacks at North Bay: "Saving a shantytown? In old fishing shacks, links to Hudson's past and an unclear future." Billy Shannon, who writes Hudson River Zeitgeist, and I are both quoted extensively, and neither one of us remembers saying exactly the things that are attributed to us, but there's no glaring misinformation, so it's all good. Below is one of the photographs that accompanies the article. 

Photo: Susan Sabino


  1. Funny, no mention of using "historical grants" to eliminate historical use.

    Also, by the time the city sent in the riot squad, 2 of the five shacks in use were maintained solely by women.

  2. CLC master plan addresses this area in years 7, 8, 9. They are right on schedule so far and i'll bet a dime to a dozen donuts that "plan" is what we will get.

  3. Why should lovers of land determine our use of land beneath water?

    It all comes down use we continue to pay for (63c/gal) but never seem to get.