Tuesday, May 29, 2018

New Rules for Commenting

Blogger, the platform used by The Gossips of Rivertown, recently announced that OpenID would no longer be an option for commenters. Because there is at least one regular Gossips commenter who uses OpenID, I feel obligated to allow Anonymous as an option for commenters so that person can continue commenting despite Blogger's change in policy. In the past, when I have experimented with allowing Anonymous comments, things have not gone well. Allowing Anonymous comments opens the door to spam comments, so this experiment may, like the earlier ones, be short-lived. In the meantime, be advised that if you elect to post as Anonymous you must identify yourself in some way in your comment--with your name or initials or some pseudonym you intend to use consistently. All comments on Gossips are monitored, and completely anonymous comments will not be published.

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