Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Watch for the First Time or Watch Again

If you missed Ed Klingler's in-depth talk at the Hudson Area Library last week about the Jan Van Hoesen house, or if you want to experience it again, Dan Udell's video of the event is now available on YouTube.


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  1. I commend Brenda Shufelt and the Hudson Area Library Board for offering such wonderful historical events and narratives. Mr.Klinger's love of the house and it's past and future is not only exciting...but gives the viewer the human interest of the area. As a 7th grade "Yorker" in Greenport School, my love of our community was seeded and continues to grow. And many, many thanks to Mr. Udell for recording and offering this and other HAL programs. Thank you, Carole, for keeping all of us abreast of these events. Becky S.