Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Great War: May 21, 1918

Last week, Gossips published a letter from Corporal John Cannon, written in the trenches on April 10, 1918. The letter had appeared in the Columbia Republican on May 14, 1918. Another letter was received from Corporal Cannon on Saturday, May 18, and apparently shared with the Columbia Republican, as the previous one had been. The content of that letter was reported on May 21, 1918, and Gossips shares it now. 

Charles McDonald's family lived at 64 Worth Avenue. His father owned a tobacco shop at 703 Warren Street.

John Malone's family lived at 41 North Seventh Street, in a house that no longer exists. The building that is now the location of Bagel Tyme occupies the lot where, a hundred years ago, the Malone home stood.

The Columbia Republican doesn't identify Joseph O'Connell's parents. There is only one O'Connell listed in the Hudson city directory for 1918: Daniel O'Connell, whose occupation is given as "station agent" and whose home address is 23 Allen Street.


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