Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Vote Expected This Evening

Later today--Wednesday, May 9--the Columbia County Board of Supervisors is expected to vote on entering into a contract with the Galvan Foundation to provide housing for homeless families and individuals at the Galvan Civic Motel in Greenport. The meeting of the Board of Supervisors begins at 7:30 p.m. at 401 State Street.

Last week, the Columbia Paper reported there were "65 individuals in 53 households receiving temporary housing" through the Columbia County Department of Social Services: "Homelessness by the numbers." The article also reported that, in addition to wanting to enter into a contract for twenty-five rooms at the Galvan Civic Motel, DSS was considering the proposal to use "up to seven" mobile homes at 51 Middle Road to house homeless families. The proposal from 51 Middle Road, LLC, which was presented to the board on March 15 by its attorney John Friedman, was intended to be an alternative to the Galvan Civic Motel. The proposal states in part: 
It is my client's belief that it offers Columbia County a superior solution for homeless families than the continuation of motel housing as is presently being contemplated. The Company's solution has been endorsed by the County's own Plan to End Homelessness as it has been shown to lead to better client outcomes than motel housing. My client also believes that it can offer a more cost-effective approach than that reflected in the proposal the Committee has been studying.
The proposal referenced by Friedman in the paragraph above is the Galvan Civic Motel proposal, but apparently, instead of seeing the 51 Middle Road proposal as a "superior solution," DSS has decided that more is better and has determined to pursue them both. 

The proposal from 51 Middle Road, LLC, indicates the trailer park is authorized to have forty units, and there are currently thirty-three mobile homes situated there. Over the weekend, Gossips paid a visit to the site and found that work appears to be underway to clear new mobile home sites.


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