Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Art of Compromise

On Monday, March 13, the Hudson Opera House, announced that the long-awaited restoration of the second-floor performance space was now complete. The organization was entering into a new era, with a new level of quality performances, and for that new era, it had adopted a new name for the building: Henry Hudson Hall. The opposition to that name from the very people who had supported the effort for more than twenty years was immediate, passionate, and fierce.

This afternoon, ten days after the original announcement, Gary Schiro, executive director of the organization, released the following statement:
In moving forward with the re-opening of our newly restored performance hall and our new name, I, together with the Board of Directors, my Co-Director Tambra Dillon and our staff, acknowledge the concern expressed by some that we would highlight a historical figure who may not reflect the spirit of inclusion and community we value.
We want you to know that we have listened, with great respect, to those of you who have raised this issue, along with the tremendous affection shown for the Hudson Opera House. We are revising our name to “Hudson Hall” and our branding will retain a reference to our historic Hudson Opera House.
This past week we have been heartened by the passion with which our neighbors and patrons regard this organization. With your support over the past 25 years, we are nearing completion of this beloved and historic building. We look forward to the opportunity to open the doors of the upstairs performance hall to the people of Hudson and our region for the first time in over 55 years.
Schiro's signature at the end of the statement is followed by "Hudson Hall at the historic Hudson Opera House."


  1. It's not entirely clear to me what that press release says. Is the building going to remain the Hudson Opera House with the upstairs space know as Hudson Hall?

    And the logo is still a disaster, I don't see any reference to that in the release.

  2. So is it now HHOH with HH appearing in subtext ?

    Talk about a confusing response to a very direct issue !

    Is it the water or do we now do koolaid ???

  3. If the new deal is that the upstairs space is now 'Hudson Hall' with the building remaining as Hudson Opera House, I'm OK with that. Now, fix that crappy modernist logo and I'll stop whining.

  4. This barely touches on the fact that from my position that none of the true locals of Hudson support this. I've grown up near Hudson my entire life and now I am a resident; in however many generations from now, it will no longer be known as the Opera House nor will it evoke the history and culture that it once represented.

  5. Well, at least they didn't rename it "Rick's Hall"!!

  6. i think it is and always will be the HUDSON OPERA HOUSE --- to all those who have worked and given so much.

    and to future generations, i doubt they will forget. Columbia County is where America started, and seems to be where we all carry on into the future.

    certainly Hudson's future seems bright -- and has happened against all odds.

  7. I gather "Hudson Hall " refers to the upstairs theater, and that it is "at" what is still called the "Hudson Opera House?" that is obviously historic.

  8. What exactly does "with a reference to our historic Hudson Opera House" mean ?
    Byrne I think the building will be called Hudson Hall.