Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 14

The following is an excerpt from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

H. F. KOSTER--Grocer. No. 403 Warren street. The Store conducted by Mr. Koster is very well known in this city. It was established twenty-five years ago, and was formerly under the management of Mr. Kennedy. For high class groceries of all kinds there is no better place to trade. Mr. Koster has the interests of his patrons at heart, and the best of service is guaranteed. The premises occupied are large and well adapted to the business in hand. The store is fitted up with strictly up-to-date fixtures, suited to a most excellent display of the stock carried; for a neat and orderly arrangement of goods is a leading attraction in any store. When the eye of a customer is pleased, his patronage is pretty sure to follow. Mr. Koster's stock  comprises everything in the line of staple and fancy groceries, canned and bottled goods of all varieties, flours, country produce, and green goods. The leading brands of teas and coffees are always in stock. There are six clerks employed in the conduct of the business, and by them all orders are given prompt and accurate attention. For the accommodation of the public goods are delivered to any part of the city free of charge.

Gossips Note: It's not entirely clear where Mr. Koster operated his grocery store. The address given--403 Warren Street--indicates that it was located in the upstreet half of the building at the corner of Warren and Fourth streets, where Hedstrom & Judd now is. There's photographic evidence that at some time before 1888, the tailors and clothiers Tilley & Aldcroftt occupied the first floor of the entire building. Was the store subdivided in 1880, when Mr. Koster started his grocery store? Or perhaps Mr. Koster's grocery store was at 405 Warren Street, where Aprile's House of Beauty is now located. 

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