Tuesday, July 20, 2021

$6 Million for HCSD

Aliya Schneider reports today in the Register-Star on how the Hudson City School District is planning to spend the federal funding coming to the district--a little more than $4 million through the American Rescue Plan and almost $2 million from the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Act: "School to budget $6 million in stimulus funding." Although $6 million seems like a lot, it's necessary to remember that HCSD's annual budget is more than $52 million.

The article reports: "The American Rescue Plan funding requires a community engagement process. A survey asking community members to prioritize categories to use the American Rescue Plan federal funds closed on June 12." One wonders how many taxpayers in the HCSD were aware this survey was being conducted and participated in it. The plan being proposed for spending the money, based on the input from the survey, can be found here.


  1. I do not recall receiving any notification regarding this survey.

  2. It looks like they are creating a few new permanent administrator jobs with these temporary funds. So how do we pay for them once the funding ends? [I think we know the answer $$$]

    1. Ugh, just what the world doesn’t need, MORE administrators.

  3. I spoke with someone new at the school district, who indicated that the survey was posted on the school district website and on their social media accounts. She admitted that she did not think anything was done to engage the greater public (ie, those of us who do not have children in the district).

  4. Oddly enough, although I do not have children attending the school district, I have frequently gone to their website to find updates regarding the pool. I did not notice anything announcing a survey. It must have been well hidden.

  5. I am impressed that you called the School District, or at least asked someone there a question. Calling the HCSD is a combat sport. Anyway, no one there knows what is going on. Remember that this is the office that wanted to see your US tax return if you ran for the school board! Nevermind. They are never going to answer your questions either on the phone or in person. They operate with your money in their own bubble. As for that community survey over YOUR millions....well, let's just say that you will never ever know what they really do with the ton of money they have received. And the State Education officials at all levels have no ability to ensure proper use of the funds. They simply cannot and don't even try to fake it. So, they got YOUR millions and are going to do whatever they want. All you can do is shout from the future.....next year after you see they squandered all that dough. The truly bad news though was that they re-elected Carrie Otty last week as Board President.......just about her 11th year heading up that place. This is as close you get to a true man made disaster. Hudson deserves better. She is incapable and has proven it. When will we learn?

  6. Just to clarify, the survey was posted on their website. Somewhere below that news
    was "the dog catcher was bitten by a dog". What is important to note is that it isn't that they met the statutory requirement to post the survey is that they don't even have a friend to call. So instead of rallying the community to really see what to do they just issue the survey and then they all run for cover. They all get in the fallout shelter and pray for the best. I followed this process carefully. And you are right all of you, if you don't have kids in the district your money is FREE. But because I don't have kids I always defer to the parents....in the hope they will hear me. I wonder how the late Dr. John L. Edwards former president of the BOE would have handled this situation in the Depression in the 1930s. He would have said, hey, community, this is your money, tell me what to do. It is important not to wish for the past but it is also important to remember the past. There are consequential leaders on that BOE but they are drowned out by the defeatist crow and the "we know what is best and you don't" crowd. I just wish we could count to 10 and erase this entire mess. More than a time out... more like, this messy game is over.