Thursday, July 29, 2021

Third Time's a Charm

Plans for the restoration of 205-207 Warren Street have been presented to the Historic Preservation Commission three times in the past four years. In May 2017, the proposal was to introduce storefronts on the ground floor.

In April 2018, a new proposal was presented to the HPC, one that did not involve creating commercial space in the building.

Both proposals, which were presented by the same owner, were approved by the HPC, but neither was pursued. 

In January 2021, new owners of the building submitted a new proposal to the HPC. The new proposal involves creating five residential units in the building--two on each floor and one in the attic.

This plan was also granted a certificate of appropriateness from the HPC, and work on the building has recently begun.

Posting in January about the plans for the building, Gossips reported:
The plan is to remove the vinyl siding to expose the original clapboard and to restore it. [HPC architect member Chip] Bohl suggested that in the process they may discover that the first floor windows were originally taller than the second floor windows.
It appears, as was the case with at least one other building in Hudson, that the building was stripped of its original siding before the vinyl siding was applied. There may be internal evidence of taller windows on the ground floor, but any external evidence appears to have been covered with plywood. Since there is no clapboard to be restored, this project should go back to the HPC for approval of whatever new siding is proposed.

This sign is currently displayed on the building, suggesting that the project will be overseen not only by our own Historic Preservation Commission but also by SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office).

The same architects who presented the plans for 205-207 Warren Street to the HPC also presented plans for the restoration of 223-225 Allen Street, the house that was damaged by fire in May 2020.

Photo: Julie Metz

Major work on restoring this building, which will have six residential apartments, has not yet begun.


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  1. The 205-207 Warren St. bldg may have been renovated when the former commercial space was converted into apartments.
    To the left of the door were two large plate glass windows and an entrance door.
    A former package store, then a family run grocery, etc. and finally another package store.