Thursday, July 22, 2021


Hudson is getting a new ladder truck. The last time Gossips posted about this new acquisition, which is costing the City about $1.4 million, was in December 2020. At that time, in what seemed like the depths of the pandemic, with all the consequent revenue shortfalls, Alderman Rebecca Wolff (First Ward) suggested that the City cancel the new ladder truck. Since the new apparatus was being custom made to the Hudson Fire Department's specifications, that was impossible.  

Today, on the Hudson Fire Department website, Lieutenant Justin Elliott posted a report called "From Concept to Reality," which provides this update on the construction of the truck.   
The ladder was loaded onto the truck after the bucket was assembled and the entire ladder tested. Final details are wrapping up in the cab and on the body. Graphics are designed, cut, and ready to be applied. Testing and certification of some components will take place in the next several days as well.
The truck is now days away from completion and is scheduled to travel to FDIC [International convention] in the next few days. The department is in constant communication with Premier Fire Apparatus about the delivery timeline and training on the new truck. Delivery is still expected in August.
Elliott's post was accompanied by these photographs of the truck.

The full report and more pictures can be found here.

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