Monday, July 12, 2021

Tomorrow's Planning Board Meeting

It has been confirmed that tomorrow's Planning Board meeting will take place at City Hall, starting at 6:00 p.m., and there is a full agenda, starting out with four public hearings. Two of the public hearings are likely to attract much interest. The public hearings are on the following proposals:
  • To raise chickens in the backyard at 13 Joslen Place
  • To open a retail store in the vacant ground floor commercial space at 25 North Fifth Street
  • To build two new apartment buildings at 75 North Seventh Street and 708 State Street
  • To restore the Pocketbook Factory and develop it for a mix of commercial uses including art, hospitality, and community space

The last two are continuations of public hearings begun earlier. 

Also of interest in the agenda, as New Business, is a proposal to convert 258-260 State Street into eight residential units. 

For many years, the building had five apartments. In 2016, it was converted from five apartments into eight short-term rental units and became a hostelry known as 3rd StateDuring the time it was 3rd State, a corner entrance was discovered under the vinyl siding and a commercial space was established in the building. In early 2018, there was a fire in the building, and since then it was stood vacant.

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