Saturday, July 31, 2021

Mark Your Calendars

Notices appeared today in the Register-Star for the IDA (Industrial Development Agency) public hearings on "proposed financial assistance," most notably PILOTs (payments in lieu of taxes, i.e., property tax abatements), sought by the Galvan Initiatives Foundation for the buildings proposed for 75 North Seventh Street and 708 State Street.

There are two separate notices in the paper. The one for 65-75 North Seventh Street appears on page A3; the one for 708 State Street appears on page A8. The time and place for both hearings is the same: 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 11, at Hudson Hall, 327 Warren Street. 


  1. What became of the Galvan Project for lower Warren St between Front and First Streets on the South side?

  2. I checked the city calendar. This meeting is not on it. Then again, the public meeting last Tuesday does not appear to have been posted either. Thanks for keeping us informed Carole

  3. An omission or intentional-- either incompetent or calculating. or both ??

    Just what Hudson does not need --two more housing projects where there are stabbings and murders.

    Does anyone know that 75 % of the police calls go to the Hudson Terrace ?

    You ask why we need the police. Public housing is really expensive to police, and more dangerous to those that live there.

    the real crisis is the concentrated crime that exists in these housing locales.

  4. All this effort on PILOTs when there is a clear lack of on-street parking for the 150-plus automobiles these two buildings will add to the quiet neighborhood. I don't get it. This seems a waste of time, especially if the Planning Board wisely and logically concludes that the development is a no-go without a lot more off street parking.
    However, logic and prudence at the PB may be in short supply since they recently hired a company called ALTA Consultants and Design to assess the parking situation in the neighborhood. All ALTA did was "review" Galvan's seriously flawed and laughable so-called parking studies, which they mostly agreed with. According to its website, the company's mission is to "move people rather than cars." None of the several featured projects on their website have anything to do with cars in motion or parked cars (unless it is to get rid of them), but everything to do with pedestrians and bicycles. I'm all for that when it's called for, but this is not the time or place. This is a real head spinner, even suspicious: To get a better understanding of a potential parking nightmare around Galvan's planned development, the PB hired a company with no interest or experience dealing with or solving car parking issues. I wonder how much they paid for essentially nothing.
    B I L L Huston

  5. Galvan should not be doing or hiring people to do his own parking study. Fox in the henhouse.