Saturday, July 10, 2021

It's Always Something

A reader alerted Gossips to this information. On July 7, 2021, "Bell Atlantic Mobile Systems LLC d/b/a Verizon Wireless" filed a lawsuit against the "City of Hudson, New York, The Planning Board of the City of Hudson, New York, The Code Enforcement Department of the City of Hudson, Craig Haigh and Providence Hall Associates, L.P." The record of the filing can be found here. The cause of action cited is 47:332, that is, 47 U.S. Code § 332--Mobile Services

The lawsuit obviously has to do with the controversial siting of wireless communication antennas on Providence Hall. What is puzzling is that the Planning Board granted site plan approval to that project on June 23, so the reason for the lawsuit is unclear, as is the remedy sought. This is, as they say, a developing story. When more information is available, Gossips will report it. 


  1. Could be they simply don't like the conditions because it makes the project more expensive, and as a nasty, greedy company with enormously deep pockets they figure they've got something to gain by kicking our small city planning board to the curb. These are not nice people.

  2. It's worth noting that just about every miserable land use or zoning issue that pops up in Hudson or Columbia County involves some out-of-state corporation.