Sunday, September 19, 2021

A Statement from FOPS

Last week, in an event organized by the Friends of the Public Square (FOPS), volunteers painted the benches in Seventh Street Park green. At midweek, the Department of Public Works removed the fences around the fountain. Today, the following statement appeared on the City of Hudson website. The meaning of the first sentence of the third paragraph is not entirely clear. It appears that the word not may have been left out in the first clause of the sentence. 

The Friends of the Public Square (FOPS) is committed to rejuvenating the 7th Street Park. FOPS has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Hudson, which was approved by the Common Council following a public hearing.
In its initial year, FOPS has initiated several preliminary improvements in consultation with the Department of Public Works. On September 12, FOPS organized a community event to paint the benches a more attractive color, Essex Green. FOPS also received permission from Mayor Johnson to have the two fences removed after it was reported that the fountain was inoperable. The high voltage signs and double fences were no longer necessary to protect the public from a fountain that had retained inactive wiring for years. FOPS plans to paint the fountain basin green as well. Next month, FOPS plans to plant daffodils around the fountain, which will come out in the spring. The plaques on the fences have been preserved.
The removal of the fences does prevent the later installation of a safe and attractive fountain will never be installed, nor signal that a statue will stand in the place of the old fountain. Before any permanent changes are made to the park, there be will an intensive process of community engagement beginning in November. No permanent changes will be made to the park without public input, and final sign-off from the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC). Notice of community meetings will be made via as many avenues as possible and held at various times to allow maximum participation.


  1. Public input: Leave the basin blue, it looks nice as a centerpiece. Why are you painting everything so drab? Are the trees next?

  2. Put another way, FoPS, why are you trying to make the fountain basin and its painted concrete edge "go away," too? Is it unattractive? What's wrong with it and its color?

  3. Bravo for the recent simple and low cost improvements.

    I hope that the political people in Hudson learn that simple inexpensive solutions work, rather than the inflated puffery and drivel of proposals that we have to plow through endlessly, at huge costs.

  4. Thank you for your coverage! FOPS had previously requested that the typo you point out be corrected, and the current announcement on the website is revised.

    Dorothy Heyl

  5. I just drove past Public Square. It was a great view of which I haven’t seen since the Statue was part of the fountain. Thanks to all for becoming involved and improving our Park.