Monday, September 27, 2021

COVID-19 Update

The Columbia County Department of Health has released its numbers for today. Three days after the county exceeded 100 deaths from COVID-19, there has been another death from the virus. Since Saturday, there have been 21 new cases of COVID-19. The number of active cases being reported today is 23 fewer than on Saturday, from which it can be inferred that, since Saturday, 43 county residents have recovered from the virus. There are 108 fewer county residents in mandatory quarantine today than on Saturday, and there are three fewer hospitalized with the virus. None of those hospitalized is in the ICU.

The New York Forward dashboard is reporting a positivity rate from Saturday to Sunday in Columbia County of 3.7 percent and a seven-day average of 4.8 percent. By comparison, the daily positivity rate for the same period for the Capital Region was 3.4 percent and the seven-day average was 3.7 percent.

A year ago today, the CCDOH reported no new cases of COVID-19. The total number of cases was 562, and the number of active cases was 10. There were 34 county residents in mandatory quarantine, 1 was hospitalized with the virus, and none was in the ICU. The total number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 at this time last year was 37.

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  1. I’m shocked at the mandatory numbers. Also the location of the hot spots. Well that’s the marketing of CC issue.