Saturday, September 25, 2021

More About Staff Shortages

Governor Kathy Hochul's plans to address staffing issues in the state's hospitals was reported today in the Times Union, "Hochul may seek out-of-state, military pros to ease health care staff shortage,"  and on WAMC, "Hochul Announces Plan to Address Anticipated Shortage of Healthcare Workers." We know that Columbia Memorial Hospital is already short staffed. According to the subhead on the Times Union article, "Thousand of medical workers face termination Monday if they are not vaccinated." (I think the subject of that sentence is meant to be plural.)

Of related interest, Gossips has learned that the CVS Pharmacy on Warren Street will be closed until Monday because of a staffing shortage. Presumably the CVS on Fairview Avenue is open, but yesterday the drive-thru pharmacy window there was closed. A sign on the window indicated it was because a staffing shortage.


  1. How incredibly frightening especially for the elderly who don't have a car, or have someone to drive them out to Greenport, to discover that they can't get their medicine until Monday. Two days and two nights can seem like a very, very long time to vulnerable people.

    So shame on CVS on leaving the front end employees, who already have their own jobs to do, to additionally have to deal with upset, scared, and more than likely, some angry pharmacy customers.

    The people at Corporate CVS need to spend some time in their stores, so that they understand the consequences of their decisions, more than likely made on Zoom calls, from their homes, drinking coffee.


    1. also ... CVS makes the most profits on prescription drugs than any other company!