Sunday, September 12, 2021

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Joey and I decided to return to Seventh Street Park for our evening walk to survey the morning's work complete. The benches and picnic tables in the park looked amazingly better painted "Go Away Green."

But then we came upon a couple of benches whose brand-new coat of green paint had somehow been defaced by white splotches.

Since the color underneath the green on the slats was brown not white, we had to wonder, "How did this happen?"


  1. I saw them being painted this morning. Once they were done being painted, a white piece of paper was taped to the center of the bench (where those white marks are now) with "wet paint" written on it. Maybe it the paper stuck to it when the paint dried and the paper was pulled off?

  2. I’m guessing those white bits are remnants of the “wet paint” signs. One hopes they’ll melt away in the next rain.

  3. They do look much better. Bravo FOP!!

  4. Thanks for the heads up Carole! Dan is correct I’m sure. Fortunately we have some leftover paint and board member Kate Treacy will be able to touch ups tomorrow.

    Dorothy Heyl