Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Planning Board Needs a Clerk

In July, Gossips reported that Rebecca Borrer, who was then serving as secretary to the Planning Board, had delivered an ultimatum: she would quit unless she was paid at least $20 an hour. In addition to the regular duties of the clerks serving Common Council committees and regulatory boards--keeping the minutes and posting notices and documents--Borrer had accepted the responsibility of handling escrow payments for the Planning Board, and for that reason, she argued that she should be paid more and have the title of "administrative assistant." Discussing the situation at its meeting on June 22, the Planning Board opined that Borrer should be paid $30 an hour. Planning Board member Laura Margolis commented, "We all work for free, so the least we can do is have a fairly paid employee."

It seems things didn't work out as Borrer and the Planning Board had hoped. For both its meetings in September, the Planning Board without a secretary, and the responsibility of handling escrow payments has been taken over by Planning Board member Theresa Joyner. Yesterday, the following notice appeared on the City of Hudson website: "City Seeks Planning Board Clerk." The responsibilities of the job are defined as follows:
  • Attend standing monthly Planning Board meetings (typically the second Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m.) and any scheduled special meetings.
  • Take minutes at each meeting, circulate draft minutes to the Board chair for review, and post final minutes on the City of Hudson website.
  • Post Planning Board documents and applications on the City of Hudson website in a timely fashion.
  • Post notices for public hearings in The Register Star at least two weeks prior to meetings.
  • Filing resolutions, minutes and other documents with the City Clerk.
Compensation for the job is $15 an hour. 

Anyone interested in the position can apply by filling in an online form found here or by sending a letter of interest, along with a current resume, by email to mayoralaide@cityofhudson.org or by regular mail to Michael Hofmann, City Hall, 520 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534.


  1. Is this a joke from City Hall?.. They need to drink some Wake the F--K Up Coffee.. $15.00 per hr. I thought even $30 was low...Maybe the planning board can tap into the Tourist Board and draw a stipend.

  2. I have to agree that the pool of candidates with a sufficient level of verbal skills to perform that job competently would be those who don't really need the money, and would do it out of a sense of wanting to do a public service for the community. And getting the minutes and the notices right for an entity as important as the planning board for some of its decisions, with deadlines missed sometimes meaning approval by default, can potentially be critical.