Thursday, September 16, 2021

New Ladder Truck Arrives in Hudson

Our tax dollars bought it and will be paying for it for the next several years, so we all should celebrate and take pride in the arrival of the new giant ladder truck. The new ladder truck, which cost about $1.4 million, arrived in Hudson today.

Photo: Michael Weaver|Facebook


  1. An excellent investment of city funds. I hope we as a city continue to properly fund our fire department.

  2. My memory may be faulty, but if I recall, the first giant ladder truck was necessary because Bliss Tower was built, and the fire department had no equipment that could reach the upper floors.
    If the proposal to replace the tower with more human-scaled housing goes through, a side benefit would be to save the city money because it wouldn’t have to purchase a replacement truck in the future, as well as paying for ongoing maintenance.
    Mary Ann Gazzola

    1. If memory serves, Bliss Towers did figure into the reasons for purchasing the first giant ladder truck, but Bliss Towers was constructed in 1973; the AerialCat, Hudson's first giant ladder truck, wasn't purchased until 2001.

  3. We ( Hudson ) are blessed to have a 100% VOLUNTEER fire department. I can't imagine how much it would cost to have a paid department. They know what their needs are better than we do. Keep up the good job HFD !